Womens' Sports Bra Strategy

Retail Experience

Strategy / Creative & Design

At the start of 2020 Nike announced that Sports Bras was to have it own category. 

Recent research in the UK has shown that 17% of women aged 16-65 cite their breasts as a barrier to sport- amazingly this beats cost, lack of space and facilities as reasons to quit.

Supporting major breast health research programmes worldwide, women’s breast health is a key focus for the swoosh. From body image embarrassment to the fact that you actually expend energy keeping your chest under control- the range of data around breasts as a barrier to sport is astounding. 

But with the right sports bra, nothing is holding her back.

Working closely with the women’s team we were tasked to create a seamless education and service journey at retail for sports bra. The core of the strategy was to create a dedicated bra bar and Bra Expert- a one stop, highly personal destination where you could be walked through the science, product, innovation and sizing. 

It was all going so swimmingly until COVID 19 hit.  What was once building on the pillars of personal service, one to one appointments and guided fitting room experiences,  became a task to suddenly find ways to limit contact, avoid touching the product and encourage trial without fitting rooms,  with a minimum spend and no additional build or hardware.

Using emerging COVID-19 research in consumer behaviour at retail, we built a strategic journey based on 4 principles: Personal tech, Direction Distancing and deconstruct, Product Signposting and Trial at home.

You Need A Sports Bra With That