HATTER is a creative retail agency. With a wide range of skills our focus remains simple, to help brands achieve more meaningful engagement.

We are passionate retail geeks, who believe magic and logic are the key to great retail experiences.

One without the other just doesn't work.

What We Do

Consumer Journey

This is how we make sure people have a great time.


This is where we understand what people want.

Creative &

This is where we build stuff that will blow your mind.


This is where we pull it all together so nothing goes wrong.

About Simon

Simons ongoing love affair with retail combined with his cultural knowledge, empathy, design and strategy creates defining retail experiences.

He established HATTER as a nod to his dad, the driving force of his creativity, but also as a reflection of the ambition of the studio - to create personal human experiences with a touch of theatricality and showmanship, reflecting Simon’s own journey. Rooting the studio in the belief that true experiences can change peoples lives.

What We Stand For

The team at HATTER is diverse, creative, excited and motivated. We have a lot of skills to help you because of our lived experiences. We are proud to say we are not just another agency, we are HATTER.